A Scary Dream

       Writer    Karl Hahn   Visual -Rajat Pandit


Have you at any point had a fantasy that felt so genuine and startling that you wake up in sweat practically terrified? That is the thing that I had. I set down to go to rest and ordinarily it takes perpetually for me to nod off. Not this night. I nodded off rather rapidly. It began with an inclination. I had a feeling that I was hit with a flood of something. I don't recognize what.

The greater part of the sudden I had an inclination that I was gliding. I could feel something pulling me. It wouldn't give up. I attempted to oppose yet then i continued hearing voices and odd things.   Before I know it, I was being pulled through the room entryway. It was so alarming. I could feel my body being skimmed through the entryway and through the house.

It was exceptionally dull yet I could see shadows. unnerving shadows that were attempting to take me.   At that point I woke up and I was breathing vigorously and my heart was dashing. I got up and rushed to my girl's room where she lay dozing soundly. She was sheltered as was I. obviously, it took a while for me to backpedal to rest.  

I was so reluctant to close my eyes. However, then rest came and I was pushed into another fantasy. A superior one this time. I woke up in a different world.   I remember I was in a space ship seeing 2 civilisations attack each other in space. I remember that I was restrained on a chair and was able to see all the action. Blue against red, how ironic.

However, it was an intense fight between these civilisations which we have never met before and may not even exist. It was an epic interstellar battle and red was winning, destroying over 10 of red’s battleships.

The spaceship I was in was approaching the red planet very fast, knowing that we will go into battle rather soon.   The red planet started to get a big advantage and sent out all of their armies.

As I was assisting this massacre, I noticed a big flashy missile going right at us. I started screaming and shouting and all of sudden, all is black. As soon as I woke up in the morning I tried to replicate what I remembered in the dream and that was the result.



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