Story Writer-  karl Hahn  Visual - Rajat Pandit      

Technology has achieved productivity and quality in the manufacturing sector. Innovative progression has lessened the hazard required in assembling endeavors. There has been a colossal change in the field of well-being the world over not just the normal period of individuals has expanded yet the death rate has likewise declined impressively.  This could be done because of mechanical progression in the health sector. There is maybe no field of human life which has not been influenced by innovation. Agribusiness, industry, teaching, health, training, workmanship, political procedures, amusement, religious exercises and everyday life exercises all are affected by technology.   

Be that as it may, it is vital to remember that mechanical headway has influenced human life both decidedly and also adversely. Not just that life has turned out to be simple and agreeable, there are additional signs of a few dangers to life and society later on because of utilization/abuse of present day innovation.

 We rely on upon security gadgets in our vehicles, ambulances, helicopters, innovation in our doctor's facilities, medication and much simpler and regularly underestimated innovation, sewers, the innovation to clean and sterilize our water supply and the rundown goes on. Sensibly, there's probably you could just live in the wild and live off the land with your own two hands as your only apparatuses, however,

I don't think many individuals are ready or capable (rationally or physically in our present world) to go that course. In this way, in case you're one of those individuals that can't do it then you certainly rely on upon innovation regardless of the amount you dislike it. Technology is assuming control over our reality. Individuals don't understand what it is doing. In the music business for example, when another tune turns out by a popular rockstar wearing a metal coat with no shirt on and numerous piercings, individuals wind up coming to class dressed a similar way.

They would state to their folks, "It's the new style at school," and their folks wouldstate, "Alright wear it yet, in the event that you get stuck in an unfortunate situation don't point the finger to me." Parents aren't even strict any longer. In the event that my folks even pondered doing a style that way, their folks would execute them. It's a similar thing with a rapper, on the off chance that they get flame broils and get gold chains around their neck, such a large number of individuals would do the same EXACT thing. In any case, music can positively affect individuals moreover. It might move individuals to do what they need the most. It might likewise impart essential messages to the general population and can likewise illegal feelings and recollections that we never forget each time we hear a particular melody.