A Magical Forest The sun is high above me and I stroll into the timberland before me, which I hear calling me. I hear winged animals tweeting and twittering, singing a tune. This makes me ponder about winged animals and where their tunes originate from. How old the tune I am hearing truly is. As I step into the woodland,

I see at first the trees, extending high over the ground, as though in rivalry with each other, to see who will achieve the sky first.   Their foundations are long and solid, diving deep under the ground, showing that they have lived in the range for quite a while, for hundreds of years. Despite the fact that they are green, they have a tinge of gold reflected in the sun making them brilliant and transmitting their light around the woodland. Looking down the mushroom, in the weird blue light, I can see a swoon sparkle.  

 I see that the shade of their thick, delicate trunks is not quite the same as the normal mushroom. They are silver, helping me to remember the winter icy. The aroma noticeable all around is of the dirt and the mushrooms, and the blossoms that develop in the fields and leak in from around the woodland. The elfin, bizarre blossoms that develop inside the woods can likewise be noticed.  

There is an immaculate fragrance noticeable all around. Never noticed by a human in today's day and age, as there is excessively contamination and chemicals noticeable all around. I feel enticed to stroll up to the tree and feel it. As I connect my hand and stroke the storage compartment, I understand that it feels smooth as though I had been stroking a child's cheek. The inclination is excellent and unwinding. As I look down, I see blossoms that I have never observed.

They have irregular hues, never observed; going up against extraordi...   As I was about to see it, which seemed like the main attraction, I woke up, scared. I looked left and right, only to find out that I started sleeping while I was drawing. I was alone at home and there was a heavy rain outside. When I started drawing again, I looked confused at my drawing. It was exactly the same as the weird but magical forest I’ve been to. I had a strong deja vù feeling, which