Story Writer-  karl Hahn  Visual - Rajat Pandit                                                    

concept visual

There are a few people out there that still trust that animals are quite recently stupid beasts, how ever, the unusual animal fellowships we can see here will demonstrate that they are fit for feeling adoration and sympathy simply as are we. Normally, photos with puppies or cats are heartbreakingly charming, yet there's something a little more important. Why did these animals shape their fellowships?

Some of them, similar to the lions, pooches, elephants and even bulls are known for framing solid friendships or even networks in nature. Without their hunt or packs, it bodes well that they would look for social connections outside of their own species. Other more lone creatures may frame a parent-child relationship with animals that they invest energy with or that raised them, particularly if their own folks are no more.

When I first saw this picture the details in it amazed me. The first thing that will surely catch anyone’s eye is the fact that the bull is standing right there, next to 3 people, without doing any harm! We can imagine how their all day went like: The day progressed. The darkness of the noon vanished for some time. The sun showed up only for a couple of minutes. At that point it went behind the dull mists for eternity.

The coldness did not die down but it rather expanded. People were wrapping their woolen garments all the more firmly. Indeed, even in the day the night-like environment came to remain. The gnawing chilly was amazingly penetrating. It sent a shudder of nippiness. And there it was, the bull, almost dying of thirst. She ran up to him and gave him her last drops of water. He then raised up and they knew they became friends.  Tempests of wind are more terrible in this desert than on the sea. Unlimited surges and clouds of red sand are raised and moved forward, covering everything in its way, and it is said that entire tribes have in this way been swallowed up. The circumstance of such is awful, and concedes to no asset. Many die, victims of the most terrible death, thirst. It is then that the value of some water is genuinely felt.  

To be parched in a desert, without water, presented to the consuming sun, without shelter, is the most loathsome circumstance that a person can be set in, and one of the worst sufferings that an individual can maintain; the tongue and lips swell; an empty sound is heard in the ears, which brings on deafness, and the mind seems to develop thick and aggravated. And as they reached the town, seeing a human after such a long time was a relief.


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